What is A-List Introductions?

Oftentimes when people ask me about A-List Introductions, they ask about the “secret formula” for matchmaking or the process for becoming an “A-Lister.” The quick answer is that there is a science behind the formula, but of course, there is much more to it than that. The process to join is really quite simple.


A-List Introductions is known to many as the foremost executive matchmaking firm in Columbus. Our approach to modernized matchmaking is designed specifically for successful singles who seek a unique, offline method for finding their perfect match. We offer two matchmaking programs specifically designed for men and women: The A-LIST (executive matchmaking for men) and The Perfect Match (our complimentary matchmaking program for women).

The A-LIST is designed for single C-suiters, a group of single professionals that are both distinctive and highly desirable. Our clients’ professions don’t allow the anonymity requirements to find someone online or on their own. And most of these executives do not have the time or energy to waste on dates without potential.

Single women can request an invitation to join our complimentary matchmaking program, The Perfect Match, to be eligible to be matched with our clients. Our Perfect Match members genuinely appreciate the thorough vetting process and personal touch of knowing anyone they meet is a true, potential match for them, rather than the stereotypical un-vetted, non-committal, pen-pal that they generally find online.


Our secret formula is one part personalization and two parts emotional intelligence. By designing a methodology inclusive of the science behind creating chemistry – Emotional Intelligence – we are able to customize and measure an introduction strategy for each client. Whether our clients’ goal is to marry and have children, or they are newly divorced and would like to meet quality singles in alignment with their goal of a committed, long-term partnership, we keep everyone’s relationship goal and personal preference top of mind.


The process for becoming an A-Lister is personalized, confidential, and offline. Each program requires that you, first, schedule an in-person meeting with me. I like to schedule meetings in a relaxing place, over lunch or for coffee. During these meetings you can expect a fun, authentic, and engaging time that includes creating your ‘Partner Vision,’ an exercise proprietary to A-List that helps us truly understand you; your likes, dislikes, deal-breakers, and the type of partner you’re interested in meeting.

At A-List Introductions, men and women value the expertise and due diligence that we offer. Our matchmaking formula and process sets up our clients for a smooth and successful introduction. All they need to do is show up on the date and decide whether they feel any chemistry.


Nicci Sprouse-Grosso is President of A-List Introductions and has become known as Columbus’ foremost executive matchmaker. She founded the company in 2011 and has interviewed and matched over 1,000 successful singles.

Nicci Sprouse
Nicci Sprouse
A-LIST Introductions is a members-only dating and matchmaking firm. We help successful singles thrive by offering: executive matchmaking, dating & relationship coaching, and group dates - empowering our members to connect and grow.