The Matchmaker’s Life: A day in my life

Living the ‘Matchmaker Life’ is a labor of love, literally. Everyone I meet – single, in a relationship, or happily married – they always find my career intriguing. They often ask how I got started as a Matchmaker or what my typical day is like. Well, I can honestly say each day is different. But my daily goal is to continue learning something from the people I meet, as well as provide hope and guidance to those who need it. Clients tend to think of me as an Executive Recruiter for their love life!


Finding the Perfect Match

I typically have 2-3 meetings scheduled each day – which is honestly my favorite part of the day – and usually starts with a mid-morning coffee meeting. Rather than formally meeting at my downtown office, I prefer conducting meetings in a relaxing place, generally over lunch or for coffee. Plus, it is fun to get out of the office! These meetings are generally interviews with potential A-LIST clients or Perfect Match members, or sometimes catch-up meetings with current clients.


I treat all of my client relationships like friendships; meeting over breakfast, coffee or lunches are a great way to reconnect. For those who I am meeting for the first time, one general rule I go by: Never Google someone before meeting them. I like to get to know someone for who they are, not what they do professionally. I apply this same logic to everyone I formally introduce. It is my job to do due-diligence, not yours. This way, anyone I introduce has the opportunity to meet someone authentically, without stereotypes or preconceived notions.


First Impressions

When meeting with anyone new to my programs, I generally have an hour or so to learn all there is to know about them; their likes, dislikes, and deal-breakers, as well as personality, relationship goals, and intentions. [Note: Hitting date-quotas are not my objective. Taking the time to learn, ask questions, and get to know each person, authentically, IS.]


First step during our meeting: I like to ask how they heard about me. It’s always a nice icebreaker. Many people trust me/my reputation and refer friends, co-workers, and family. Others have read about me in an article/magazine or they found me searching online. The actual interview process during our meeting is two-fold: me learning about each person’s personal journey and creating their “partner vision.”


Partner Vision

Creating a “partner vision” is a fun, proprietary exercise designed to help me understand someone’s “type” (if you have one) and discover if I have a current potential match for them. It’s also an opportunity to manifest the heart’s true desire. Sure I am a hopeless romantic. But for those who understand the Law of Attraction, you know this is a positive and important step in choosing to be open and receptive to meeting someone. I often preach to use your peripheral vision, because if you aren’t clear about what you want, you just might miss it.


By the end of our meeting, I typically have a crystal clear vision for the type of mate they are searching for. Ideally, for women joining The Perfect Match (my complimentary matchmaking program for women), the hope is that I have a match for them now. Knowing that I am not focused on hitting a “quota” for my clients and that I truly am searching for true potential matches ensures that I never waste anyone’s time on dates without potential. When I do have a match, I most definitely will make an introduction. This leads me to the next part of my day: date-scheduling!


Date-Scheduling & Debriefings

In addition to daily meetings, emails, phone calls, etc. there is always date-scheduling and date-debriefs to do! Staying on top of who is scheduled to meet who, where they are going to meet, making reservations, and then following up after the date for a debrief phone call with each person is no small feat! It is not uncommon to have numerous dates happening on the same night (once, even at the same restaurant!). While I LOVE when a couple hits it off on the first date and is excited to meet for a second, not everyone meets someone worthy of a second date right off the bat. This is why feedback is so essential! While I technically work on behalf of my A-LIST clients, it is still a top priority for me to have feedback from the gentlemen and the ladies. Often times, I find that this is more about learning something about ourselves and using that experience to grow from. For instance, perhaps you are generally attracted to a certain “type,” but you discovered on the date that this so-called type wasn’t an exact fit after all. Exploring the “whys,” being mindful, and digging deeper into understanding the experience is what it’s all about – trusting me and my process.


As the day concludes, whether I am out and about in the community attending an evening event, high school/club volleyball games for my daughter, or out to dinner with my husband, it is safe to bet that I am always scouting quality singles as potential matches for my clients. The Matchmakers’ life never stops.


Nicci Sprouse-Grosso is President of A-List Introductions and has become known as Columbus’ foremost executive matchmaker. She founded the company in 2011 and has interviewed and matched over 1,000 successful singles.

Nicci Sprouse
Nicci Sprouse
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