5 Things You Should Leave at Home While on Your Honeymoon

Since wedding season is in full swing AND because a beautiful couple we introduced recently married, we wanted to share our Matchmaker’s Secret for: 5 Things You Should Leave at Home While on Your Honeymoon.

Your honeymoon is a special time! This is the time to focus on you and your significant other, and to enjoy each other’s company in a romantic location. Knowing what to pack is just as useful as what not to bring on your honeymoon. These five tips on what not to bring will help you have a magical honeymoon.

1. Laptop

Work is strictly off limits when you’re on your honeymoon. Your honeymoon is a time to relax, and to let go of any pressures (work or wedding related). Electronics can make it difficult to relax, so make designated times to check in with work if you absolutely have to. Keep your phone on you in case of an emergency, but only make designated times to check it, and that’s it.

2. Social Media

Resist the temptation to post photos of every meal and daily adventures. Resist chronicling your honeymoon via social media. Sure, taking photos and making memories is essential, but logging into Facebook non-stop to check for ‘likes’ defeats the purpose of a relaxing honeymoon. Remember what it’s really about. Take photos, but solely for the purpose of creating a Shutterfly album.

3. Excess “Stuff”

Remove the “what-ifs” from your bag, and your mind. Do you think you’ll really want to wear that shirt, or those shoes? Are you even going to read that book you’re packing? Pack only the essentials, because you don’t want to spend your time worrying over every little detail in your bag. Your honeymoon isn’t about the things that you pack, it’s about the memories that you make and focusing on each other.

4. Thank-You Cards Can Wait

Planning a wedding can completely consume you – check lists galore! Reset your brain from planning-mode to relaxation-mode on your honeymoon. Taking an excursion off the resort or touring a couple landmarks is fine, but remember to live in the moment, relaxed and carefree. You’ll have plenty of time to write thank-you cards later. Enjoy your time now.

5. Your Pre-wedding Diet Plan

Worrying about fitting into your wedding dress and looking thin in your wedding album are no longer of concern. You’ve earned the right to indulge – break as much bread as you want, and devour every bite of your dessert. Explore the local cuisine, and enjoy.

Nicci Sprouse
Nicci Sprouse
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