3 Halloween Party Tips for Singles

Halloween is a time for scares, spirits (the ones who say “Boo” and the boozy kind), and singles. It might look like everyone around you is paired up, but have no fear! It’s just all the couple costumes that have you seeing double trouble. Halloween is a great time to go out, hit the streets, and find something sweet.

It’s also a holiday that puts everyone in good mood. Maybe it’s all the candy, the nostalgia of trick-or-treating, or more likely that pumpkin punch at the party. But it’s time to embrace the silly or scary. What better way to focus those feelings than by going to a Halloween Party … single!

Whether you’re getting dressed up in full costume, or just wearing a festive bat pin, I’ve got 3 Halloween Party Tips for Singles to help you make a connection.

Creative Costume

If you’re going to a costume party, take the time to plan a unique costume. Think of something you feel comfortable in, that gives you confidence, but might be a little obscure. Maybe choose something from a TV show, movie, or pop culture that you really like and enjoy talking about.

For example, I’ve seen “Where’s Waldo” for 6 years running. Most people know it, and sometimes ask for photos or just chat about how cool they think owning a Waldo hat can be.

You can use your costume as a conversation starter. People will always come up and ask, “Who are you?” Use this as an opportunity to explain your costume. If someone recognizes your costume, it means you have something in common. And that’s a great way to start a relationship.

If you’re not going to a costume party, add something Halloween-inspired to your outfit. Maybe it’s a pair of bat earrings, a pumpkin tie, or a skeleton ring. You can still use it as a conservation starter, just like a costume.

Freakish Food

Your hosts might ask for guests to bring a side dish, dessert or something to the party. Embrace your inner Pinterest nerd and volunteer to bring something. Make a Halloween themed dessert or snack like Boo Krispies or Cheesy Witch Sticks.

Just like your Halloween costume or accessory, it can be great conversation starter. Don’t be afraid to brag (a little bit) that you brought these treats to the party, especially if you’re looking for someone who appreciates creative types and thoughtful gestures.

Marked Musings

This is actually a networking tip I use at business functions, but it works so well that I use it in social situations too. Set an intention for the number of people you don’t know that you’re going to talk to that night. It doesn’t have to be a high number. For example, I generally aim for 5 new people to strike up a conversation. Don’t beat yourself up if you only manage to talk to 3 people … or just one. It’s all about pushing past your hesitation and making at least one connection with somebody new. Remember, you’re at a Halloween party to have fun. So don’t stress that you have to stick to a set number. It’s a goal. And as long as you make an effort that it’s a party success not a party fail, you’ll be in good shape!

So fire up that Halloween Spotify playlist and let your inner ghoul get down!


  • Whether you’re single or a couple hosting a Halloween party, and you want your guests to mix and mingle, I’ve got a tip for you too. If you’re going all out with a costume party (and your guests are into it), create a costume sign-up sheet, but don’t share it with the guests. Instead, when they come to the party, have them find the other costume(s) that match theirs.
  • If you’re not doing a costume party, add in something like a low-key scavenger hunt for seek-and-find. Take a cue from another networking event I attended; we had Bingo sheets with things like “find someone born locally” or “find someone who speaks a second language.” We had to initial squares and the person with a full board got a prize at the end of the night. Really, it was great fun because it gave all of us a chance to talk and find another person who had the same square marked as you did. Happy Halloween!

Nicci Sprouse-Grosso is President of A-List Introductions and has become known as Columbus’ foremost executive matchmaker. She founded the company in 2011 and has interviewed and matched over 1,000 successful singles.

Nicci Sprouse
Nicci Sprouse
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