About A-List Introductions

Welcome to A-List Introductions. The A-List is a high-end Personalized Introduction Service based in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve taken years of my experience as a relationship and industry expert to develop a truly innovative methodology for connecting successful singles in Central Ohio.

In today’s work environment, successful A-List singles are focusing more on achieving professional goals and less on their personal lives. Focusing on your professional achievements should not leave you settling for less in your personal life. I understand your need for flexibility and your desire to find the love of your life. My sole purpose is to assist you in meeting this important objective. While not everyone needs assistance in meeting the love of their life, my A-List clients value the strategic partnership I provide. My focus is promoting communication, self-awareness and emotional receptivity in each client’s dating experience; I provide a compassionate and solid platform for clients to successfully meet the love of their life.

My unique process sets the stage for you to meet all the right people; people in alignment with your values – spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. I go beyond introducing you to your perfect match; I connect couples utilizing emotional intelligence. There is science behind creating chemistry and fulfilling our emotional needs, and I have developed a seamless methodology in an entirely new approach called The A-List Methodology. Schedule a consultation today to begin meeting the right people for you.

A-List Introductions offers two programs: The exclusive A-List Client program and our Affiliate program, The Perfect Match. Both services are entirely confidential, customized and offline.

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Meet Nicci

Connecting with people, building rapport and establishing relationships has always come easy to me. As a native of Central Ohio, growing up in a small town instilled values, tradition and work ethic. On the flip side, later living in New York City taught me an entirely new perspective - adaptation, culture, being open-minded and most importantly learning to interpret behaviors. Honing my abilities and infusing my intuitive nature and natural skill sets as a connector have enhanced my extensive career as a relationship expert and entrepreneur in Central and Southern Ohio. I love meeting new people and am motivated each day by having a career that is my passion. As a published relationship and dating advice columnist, I am not afraid to ask tough-love questions or share my constructive advice with clients. I believe in love, the law of attraction, and that things happen for a reason. My personal mission is to connect, counsel and inspire; bridging the gap in your search for peace and love.

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Nicci’s Methodology

The A-List Methodology is a sophisticated unique introduction process designed to connect successful, commitment-minded A-List Clients with thoroughly vetted, high-caliber singles also searching for love. My unique approach aligns science with emotional intelligence producing the opportunity for a truly profound and authentic connection. Compassion, expertise and personalization create an unsurpassed approach with each introduction.

1. Client Consultation:

Experience has proven that everyone is unique in their search. I conduct an in-person assessment and interview to assess mutual fit. By working on an individual basis and taking the time to understand and assess your values, relationship history, desires and deal-breakers, I am adept at implementing a customized introduction strategy to fit each client’s needs.

2. Selection:

The A-List's selection process was designed to connect A-List Clients with the area’s most eligible singles. My connections and outreach efforts are unparalleled: I utilize The A-List's exclusive Affiliate program, ‘The Perfect Match’, as well as sophisticated search algorithms, personally screening and hand-selecting each customized introduction. I take great pride in the selection process and certainly have my finger on the pulse of the area’s most eligible.

3. Introduction:

The A-List Methodology eliminates the fear of your first meeting. I personally work one on one with you to design the ideal first-introduction that fits your style. All you need to do is show up.

4. Evaluation:

A-List Clients value learning from their experiences and consequently applying these lessons-learned to future introductions and relationships. Communicating with clients after each introduction is a core belief of my A-List Methodology.

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The Perfect Match

Are you The Perfect Match for one of my successful A-List Clients?

My exclusive, A-List Methodology includes conducting a sophisticated search on behalf of my A-List Clients. The first step is matching search criteria in The Perfect Match (TPM) database. The Perfect Match is an Affiliate program designed to match eligible TPM Members with A-List Clients. I have personally interviewed hundreds of singles and heard first-hand the importance of meeting someone who not only matches your search criteria, but also possesses the ambition, awareness and emotional connection that you desire. Becoming a TPM Member is your opportunity to achieve this important objective.

Membership is $250 for one year. All TPM Members who are matched with A-List Clients must undergo a similar comprehensive in-person interview and assessment process prior to being introduced. Simply register online and submit your photos. Your membership application and photos are 100% confidential and only seen by A-List employees. My A-List Client base is ever-growing. When I have an incredible client who I think you are the perfect match for, I will contact you to meet in-person, interview and assess mutual fit. This may happen immediately or down the road. Similar to the executive recruiting industry, there are no guarantees – you have nothing to lose and the love of your life to gain.

Join The Perfect Match

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The Perfect Match Mixers

The A-List’s personalization is unsurpassed with both customized introductions and exclusive TPM Mixers. TPM Mixers are female-only, unique, and tailored to attract and identify select potential matches for my thoroughly vetted and successful A-List Clients. During TPM Mixers, my celebrity co-hosts and I meet and mingle with eligible ladies in a fun, cocktail party-atmosphere, vetting and determining potential fit on behalf of my A-List Clients. TPM Mixers are fun and provide a forum promoting community, comradery and new friendships. TPM Members have VIP access to all TPM Mixers.